4 skills teach children how to please and pay attention digitally

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4 skills to teach children how to please them and pay attention to us digitally.

Parents and schools play a very important role in teaching children how to be attentive digitally when using the internet. This is because children will begin to learn to use digital devices at home. and began to interact socially with friends on the same day at school Parents should observe and monitor their children’s online activities to see.

What they do. and must teach children to understand the idea The emotions of others in various situations allow children to learn to empathize with others. The UK Safer Internet Center has recommended 4 methods for building children’s empathy skills digitally as follows: Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

role play Create a story or stories

                   Train children to think from other people’s perspectives, read stories, and let children play the role of characters. It will help children begin to understand other people’s perspectives, feelings, and emotions.

Teach children to recognize words related to feelings.

                   Teach children to learn and understand their own feelings. Because children need to know their own feelings before they can understand the feelings of others.

Learn to express your opinions in a positive way.

                   Teach children to learn to share positive thoughts with others. Classroom activities can help children begin to learn how to be happy with others.

Create a society that accepts and respects differences.

                   Teach children to learn that people in this world have different ideas. different perspectives Children should be taught to understand the importance of not being too quick to judge others. Do not criticize others without thinking, both in life and on the internet.