Ancelotti supports Ronaldo still cool.

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has defended Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo for not being as depleted as critics say. Because both physical quality, pace and professionalism football are no different from those in their 20s.

The 37 -year- old ‘ CR7 ‘ was dropped off the bench in a crucial World Cup round of 16 game. That beat Switzerland 6-1 to allow young Gonzalo Ramos to coordinate with Joao Felix Dan. 

Until there was a voice supporting the cut of Ballon d’Or 5 times from the plan of head coach Fernando Santos. Because it came down to reducing the efficiency of the team rather than creating benefits. But ‘ Don Carlo ‘ as someone who had worked with  Cristiano still supports his old subordinates. Ancelotti UFABET

“ Maybe Ronaldo still feels like he’s in his 20s because he’s fine. The guy got the answer by looking at his own torso. ” Opening his mouth through the ‘ Corriere dello Sport ‘ .

“ The competition is getting tougher. You must take good care of yourself. ” 

“ I had the opportunity to coach for about 2 years and had no problems at all. Seriously, that guy helped clean it all up. ” 

“ Cristiano trains well , pays attention to every detail , everything is easy for me working together. He is one of the best players. ” 

Ronaldo is a substitute in the final major game, the last time back to Euro 2008 until the World Cup 2022. It’s worth following if the game against Morocco ( December  10 ) will be pickled continuously or not .