Enrique posted a message of gratitude to all sectors.

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Luis Enrique Martinez thanks and bids farewell after stepping down as Spain national team coach. He became a former Spain coach posted a message on his Twitter account thanking the Spanish football federation for working together from 2018. Until he stepped down. According to reports from Marca on Friday. 

‘I am extremely grateful to those who have signed me twice (Luis Rubiales, President of the Federation and Jose Francisco Molina, Director) for all RFEF employees with whom we share their experiences and support. All kinds of expertise, thank you very much.’ wrote Luis Enrique UFABET

The 52-year-old also expressed his gratitude to the ‘La Roja’ players and all the backroom staff he works with.

‘Of course, for players who are exemplary in their behavior and faithful to the ideas I set up. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more. It also includes assistants, doctors, physical therapists, equipment operators, security personnel. As well as team manager Nuria and nutritionist Everyone works tirelessly to help the players and staff with whatever we need. It’s so special to be a part of this.’

Luis Enrique also thanked the Spanish supporters. And asked them to support the work of his successor, Luis de la Fuente.

‘Last but not least To the fans who send consistent support all the time and especially during the most difficult times. It’s time to say goodbye. And in these cases it’s just a small reflection. What the team needs is support in every sense for Luis de la Fuente to achieve everything he has to offer. Let’s go, Spain! Goodbye, thank you!’