Evra sees Mbappe chances to break into the lion’s defensive game.

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Former France defender Patrice Evra has suggested the England centre-back may face Kylian Mbappe in the football World Cup quarter-finals.

         The quarter-final game between “Roaring Lions” and “Rooster” has received the most attention in this World Cup quarter-final game. Where Mbappe is hot, pressing 5 goals to be the top scorer in now.

         Evra sees Gareth Southgate relying on the strength of a right-back from Manchester City. But ultimately if Mbappe fails to penetrate. He will instead move into centre-back.

         “Walker will block Mbappe, he did well against Neymar in the Champions League against Manchester City,” Evra said UFABET 

         “He is confident and can be said to be manageable because he is fast and strong. But he will find a way to escape. He’ll move into the middle.”

         “I hope he does because Stones and Maguire won’t be able to deal with him. It was difficult for both of them to stop him to stop Mbappe. when he was in the middle was to catch up. Makes him annoyed, makes fouls, he doesn’t like to be fouled.”

         “Maguire and Stones would prefer to play with Giroud because he’s not that fast. He is strong and that will be the jackpot for them.”