Friedel advises Pulisic-Turner to leave if still on reserve.

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Brad Friedel the former United States national team goalkeeper. Advise two younger players like Christian Pulisic and Matt Turner to move rather than endure as a substitute at the football club.

         The Chelsea attacker and Arsenal goalkeeper were key players in the USA squad at the 2022 World Cup. And helped them reach the last 16 before losing to Holland.

         While Pulisic has only started three Premier League games for the Blues this season. With Turner backing up Aaron Ramsdale, Friedel thinks Both should be too good to be mere substitutes.

         “If Chelsea don’t pick Christian Pulisic, I think he should go somewhere else. Because he is as good as playing at other clubs.” Friedel told Online Casino.

         “I think the same thing as Matt Turner, he shouldn’t have been a substitute at Arsenal, although I’m not saying Mikel Arteta should have him playing ahead of Aaron. The Ramsdales are doing well. I’m just saying he’s too good not to play. So he should find a new club.” UFABET 

         “I was impressed with Matt Turner. I think in the first game he was nervous in his first World Cup. But I thought he played a great game against England and on Tuesday he did well.

         “I think clubs have been taking MLS standards seriously for a while now. I would love Turner to go to a club where he will be number one because he is good enough to be. The real one of the top team.”