Is poker game considered a ‘sports game’?

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The Cambridge Dictionary (Cambridge Dictionary) defines the poker game of sport as ‘ a game, competition, or activity. That use physical use and skill to play under the rules of that activity. For entertainment or for a career’  for games that are clearly related to football, basketball or American football. So there is no doubt in terms of sporting events.

But for poker It appears to be a game that is ‘broad’ in some countries as illegal gambling. But while some countries even praised. That Poker is a game of skill enough that it can also be called a ‘sport’. 

Like in the United States, this kind of card game is very popular. It is open to play in pubs, bars, casinos and even online poker. As a result, poker is recognized as a legal sport UFABET 

or the countries that make outstanding professional players in the WSOP. Including France and Canada. It also accepted that poker was legal.

These countries have legalized and officially recognized poker tournaments. along with poker as a sport. Although it is in the category of sports that grew out of gambling (Sport Gambling)

Many people may say that this type of card game is ‘Gambling’ with the hope that the cards in our hand are big enough to eat other players’ money. But if you ask a professional poker player For them, it’s definitely not just gambling. Because it takes skill to understand the game. Calculate the likelihood of the face cards coming out. and the use of psychology to read competitors’ minds. Until being packaged as a ‘sport’ that has an official tournament