Poker rules are broken down into several categories.

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Poker rules are broken down into several categories. But one of the most popular rules And is used in tournaments called ‘Texas Hold’em Poker’. Play is divided into 4 rounds per play. The condition is to give the 2 cards in our hand plus the cards on the board. Than other players In order to win all bets that time.

In the first round, we will call this period pre-flop. Each player is dealt 2 cards face down. Along with 3 other cards face down in the midfield. Also known as Broad then it allows all players to have 3 options to play: 1. Pass (Check) without doing anything, 2. Raise (Rasie) or increase the bet and 3. Fold (Fold) if your hand is not big enough UFABET 

In addition, if any player raises the bet. The remaining players then need to increase their bet by more than or equal to the bet that was added. In order to be able to play the game in the next round.

In the second round, we will call this period the Flop. Where the dealer will show all 3 cards in the broad. In order for the remaining players to decide whether to pass. Increase the bet. Or fold again, the third round is called Turn is the fourth community card showdown. And the fourth round is called River, which is the last community card showdown.

Finally, the player who still has 2 cards in their hand reveals their cards. Known as a Showdown, to determine the winner with the best 5-card suit.  In addition to beating another player with a Showdown. It can also be won by raising the bet so that other players fold before the Showdown round.