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When known as a card game. Many people would understand that it is a difficult game to play. Have complicated rules and you may think of card games like poker , dummy or slaf. But in fact there are many more card games to choose from and here are the top 2 most popular card games of all time.

Baccarat card game.

Baccarat is a very famous casino game. It originated in Italy, which was a leisure activity for the upper class in the past. until it became popular among the general public later and later became a popular game among gamblers UFABET 

The rules of this table card game are difficult to predict. Because 6-8 cards are used in each round , there is a method of playing similar to playing poker. In which the person who has a card face value of 8 or 9 will win in that round, but the difference lies in that Baccarat card players are not the cards themselves. but a spectator of the game Which must bet on which side will win And this is the charm of baccarat that you should try to play once.

Blackjack card game.

Blackjack is another table card game that is as popular as Baccarat. The origin of the blackjack game is unclear. But understand that it comes from a betting game from France called Vingt-et-un. Because the rules are similar to playing blackjack. 

The rules for playing blackjack are not too difficult. That is make the numbers on the cards combine to be as close to 21 as possible. But must not exceed 21. If anyone gets as close as possible, it will be the winner. with a simple way of playing that requires little strategy and skill. As a result, this game is very popular.