Santos believes leaving Ronaldo disappointed alone is the best.

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Fernando Santos head coach of the Portugal national team Believing. That leaving Cristiano Ronaldo disappointed alone to become a reserve Throughout the remainder of the 2022 World Cup is the best thing. So that it doesn’t affect the football team overall.

Current news Cristiano threatens to leave the camp with the retirement of the Selecao team. If he is still reduced to a reserve role under heavy fanfare over the past 24 hours. Although there was an attempt to clarify from the player’s side. But it seems that the drama is not with.  

That’s why Santos doesn’t want to play with fire . I can only say that it’s best to let the 37 – carat shin stay calm and calm by yourself UFABET 

He said before the quarter- final against Morocco .

” I think this is the perfect time to leave Ronaldo alone. “

“ That guy never told me to leave our national team. And personally, I think it’s the right time not to talk about such things again. Quit extending length, stretching girls. ”

As for the atmosphere when telling ‘ CR7 ‘ that he had to reserve the round of 16 match against Switzerland , the 68 -year -old boss could say that it was tense. But both parties are professional enough.  

” I told him about it after lunch on matchday, called him into his office.” added the coach, who has been in charge since 2014 .  

” It would make sense if Cristiano wouldn’t be upset. Because he’s always been monopolizing the starting line-up. ” 

“ He asked back – you thought this was a good idea, didn’t you ? But we had a normal conversation as I explained my views on the game. And of course he accepted it. ” 

Ronaldo was a substitute in the final major game. The last time going back to Euro 2008 until reaching the World Cup 2022. It’s worth following if the game against Morocco will be pickled continuously or not.