Southgate green light Raheem brings family to fly into Qatar.

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England manager football Gareth Southgate has backed his team-mate Raheem Sterling’s decision to take leave to care for a family devastated by a burglar attack during the past week. Then there was no problem taking his wife and 3 trailers to serve the motherland too.

The Chelsea star took a leave of absence from the camp to return to London, England. When he heard the news that the family’s mansion had been broken into and stolen. In the meantime there is a fiancée and three children.   

 Of course, the four of them were extremely afraid of their safety. UFABET Even the 28 – year-old star is mentally ill. Until having to fly from the Middle East to the United Kingdom since last Sunday.  

Most recently , Sterling and his family traveled from Heathrow Airport. successfully arrived in Doha because I want to guarantee safety. Both help concentrate and kick deep rounds.  

“ That guy felt the need to go and support his family. consoling each other there. It was an easy decision. I had a responsibility to support the players .  

“ I still remember the last World Cup when Fabian Delph went home to get his wife into Russia. This trip was treated to the same standard . 

“ It’s all the same for some family situations to be made a priority. I have always supported that. ” 

“ Of course, you want the best players to be available , want to win football games , but as a team manager , you also need to realize that. There were times when life was faced with adversity. And it’s more important than worrying about work. ” Southgate said.

Having missed a number of training sessions has meant Raheem ‘s chances of creating a real offensive match against France ( December 10 ) in the quarter-finals are slim .