There are two ways to play poker.

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Poker is considered the number 1 most played card game in the world. It is a popular game, the advantage of which is that the rules for playing are not very complicated. But it is a game that requires analytical thinking to help make decisions. In foreign countries, there is even a profession called “professional playing poker”


It is played in a competitive format. And find the single highest winner, collecting chips, looking for players to compete indefinitely Until only one person remains with the total amount of chips that can be played In which playing in this format will have a fee as determined by the blind UFABET 

2.Cash game

is to play using chips or cash as a bet playing this format can play all the time There is no time limit. Can start playing or stop playing at any time. According to the rules, players can set minimum and maximum bet amount per game. Depending on the ability and amount of money in the player’s pocket. This means real money in the player’s account.

How to play poker?

When entering the game You can choose the table as you wish.
And When the table Must place bets in each round, whether 50, 100, 200, 300, depending on the selected table.
when the game starts Will receive 2 cards and start in each game. The first hand will be arranged in sequential order. In order not to have an advantage in choosing to fight or fold, players can choose whether to fight. Follow or fold and can also choose the amount of money to fight as well.
When a player folds, he will not be able to rejoin the game again.
And When players fight or follow. They will be able to show their cards against friends who will be the winner and if there is a draw. The prize money will be split in half or according to the betting ratio.