Aston Villa were forced to sell their top talent this summer.

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Aston Villa were forced by the English Premier League‘s profit. And stability rules to sell key players Douglas Luiz and Jacob Ramsey in the summer of 2024 to stabilize the team’s financial situation.

Reports from ‘Sport Mail’ that clubs are allowed to make a total loss of up to 105 million pounds over 3 seasons. Or an average of 35 million pounds per season. Which if found to be considered will be investigated and will be punished with either a fine or deduction of points. 

In the case of Aston Villa, they risked violating the rules because of continuous losses on their account. The only way to keep the turnover from red to green is to sell players for maximum value. ทางเข้า UFABET 

In the case of 22-year-old Ramsey, he has received interest from Newcastle. With a asking price of up to 50 million pounds. Meanwhile Luiz a 50-year-old is on the radar of Arsenal, with a price not inferior. 

Another person who is interested is midfielder Boubacar Kamara. But he is unlikely to change teams anytime. Soon as he is recovering from surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL ).  

The summer transfer window will be a nail-biter for Villa. Do they risk further penalties by holding onto Ramsey. Or do they sell their prized asset to ensure short-term survival? The answer will have a lasting effect on the club’s trajectory.