Chelsea eyeing young midfielder, Corinthians add more

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Chelsea eyeing young midfielder, Corinthians add more

Chelsea are set to make a move for Corinthians youngster Gabriel Moscardo in the next transfer market.

Ready to open the door to accept children into the nursery unlimitedly. The latest news is preparing to hunt for a young Corinthians midfielder, Gabriel Moscardo, to strengthen the army in the next round in January 2024.

Although the Premier League summer market will closed. Only outgoing players can still release players to countries. That have not yet close the market. But the work on the reinforcement for Chelsea is not yet over easily.

ยูฟ่าเบท reported that Chelsea had already offer Corinthians £18m for the 17-year-old midfielder.

That although Barcelona are intereste in Gabriel Moscardo, Chelsea are the candidates for the signing of the player.

However, the Corinthians still want to negotiate a bit more. before agreeing to release the player to Chelsea to continue molding

David Silva, at the age of 37, is a former Spanish national team midfielder. The 2010 World Cup winning team that used to play with the club. “The Blues” Manchester City and have announced their retirement. Quit playing football already. not long ago Come out for the latest interview that!

“Personally, I think Arsenal is just one team. Who have the opportunity to challenge Manchester City and stop them from winning the English Premier League this season. As for the other teams, I don’t think they can do it. They (City) are an exciting team with amazing players.”