Onana was delighted with Manchester United until he saw the sky after the rain.

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Andre Onana, Manchester United‘s goalkeeper smiled from ear to ear as he believed he had gotten through a difficult time at Old Trafford. From now on, this is the sky after the rain. Both fresh and beautiful Waiting for the disciples to challenge him in the Manchester Derby match (3 Mar.)

Onana moved from Inter Milan to United in the summer of 2023 for a price of £47.2 million. With the initial stages of the transition often being heavily influenced by social media content. Media because of diligence causes mistakes Shoot straight to receive a splash. Shot out, flicked in, shot out and made a dive, Luk Tung stood and watched ทางเข้า UFABET 

Or like when building up from the back, team manager Eric Ten Hag hopes to use this strength of the Cameroonian. It looks less efficient than expected. 

However, after returning from the African Cup of Nations tournament. Andre’s performance became more stable, he made fewer mistakes and began to make some saves that impressed fans. Which builds confidence for the person to build on. 

Onana revealed to Telegraph Football:

“I know what kind of goalkeeper I am.”

“Looking back 6-7 months ago, I really didn’t play well. Just want to feel good.” 

“It was a difficult time for me. Even now I feel better because everything at first was new and it was difficult to adjust to feeling like home for many reasons. Moving countries is one of them.” 

“But now I feel better. It’s not difficult to brag about your performance. Because you know what kind of goalie you are. Coming here has more things to do than before.” 

“Personally, the most important thing is that everything falls into place play happily. Then it will shine itself.” 

Onana has played 36 matches for United this season, keeping 11 clean sheets but conceding as many as 54 goals .