Manchester United cheerleaders like Glazer reject first dividend from 2015.

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The Manchester United Supporters Trust an influential group of Red Devils fans. Commenting positively on club owners like the Glazer family opting out of the 2023 dividend. Because the football team will use it to develop the organization.

United ‘s financial memorandum of understanding says the family Glazer won’t ask for dividends in 2023. After seven years in the pocket, in part because it announced it was ready to sell.  

They also want to show their generosity. UFABET Responding to a hot interview with Cristiano Ronaldo, who blamed the executives for their lack of vision.  

Of course, this is good news for those ‘Manchester United Army ‘. Because they look at the American owner as a blood sucker hinder the progress of the club.  

“ We were delighted that it turned out that way. Because the issue of dividends to shareholders has been holding back the growth of the team for a long time – it has finally acted appropriately. ”  the statement said .

“ Seriously, dividends to shareholders shouldn’t be paid out if performance on the field is unsuccessful. Or can go up to challenge the championship position ” 

“ In the past it was a reward for failure. Therefore, the voluptuous judgment of the team owners was out. And make sure he reinvests it for the benefit of the football club. ” 

“ In our opinion, dividends should not be paid to shareholders. until new investors / owners are finalized . ” 

United ‘s valuation of around £ 5bn for new owners is expected to be clarified after the World Cup.