Fury urges Ronaldo to accept his current state of affairs.

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British boxing superstar Tyson Fury suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo star of the Portuguese national football team. I have to accept the condition that I am now very old.

         Ronaldo who started the first three group stage games was dropped as a substitute in the last 16 victorious team Switzerland 6-1. Which has a trend for the team to drop the 37-year-old after the team has shown a great performance. UFABET Which Fury reminds Ronaldo to admit that he is old now already.

        “At that time [beating Klitschko] was Mount Everest.” Fury told talkSPORT. People thought I would get ripped off and he was champion for 11 years and at one point he looked invincible. But I went to Germany and beat him.

         “In this game it doesn’t matter who is better than others. It’s mostly a natural matter of age, and at 38 you fall down, whether you accept it or not.

         “If you look at Cristiano Ronaldo, he is 37 years old, has the best doctors. best physiotherapist He lived like an egg in Mr Kipling’s cake, even Ronaldo had his downs. Even those who take great care of themselves will catch up to you. So imagine a boxer who’s been punching for 20 years.”

         “The age factor does not wait for anyone. no matter what kind of life you live. Whether you’ve never drank in your life You never run on hard ground. whoever you are Age will eventually follow you.”